SOLD-Far Hills Mystic Star-SOLD

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Breed: Friesian Sport Horse
Gender: Mare
Color: Black & White
YOB: 2011
Broke to Ride: Yes
Broke to Drive: Yes
Bred to: Bizkit
Sale Price: 20,000


 $15,000 price does NOT include 2018 colt by her side... She would not be able to leave before colt has been weaned probably August or Sept...

She can be rebred back to Bizkit for 2019 for the price of $20,000 if purchased prior to mid July.

Mysti and Bizkit are 2 for 2 so far, for homozygous tobiano!

SOLD-Far Hills Mystic Star-SOLD - Pedigree

Ferdinand 252 Stb
Naen 264 Stb Preferent
Truus Stb Model + Pref
Jakob 302 FPS Sport
Mark 232 Preferent
Mathijs Friesians of Majesty
Reitse 272
Anne 340 FPS Sport
Fimke Praktykskoalle
Richtsje fan Toerenburg
Diedert 288
Odela fan't Wyldpaed
SOLD-Far Hills Mystic Star-SOLD
Jochem 259 Stb Preferent
Tjimme 275 Stb
Tjimkje Stb Ster + Pref*6
Galand 100% Friesian
Lammert 260 Stb Preferent
Nikita Ster
Etsje Ster
Whispering Winds Mosaic Beauty
Unknown Sire
Unknown Sire
Unknown Dam
RMF Jazz NASDHA Spotted Draft
Unknown Sire
Unknown Dam
Unknown Dam