SOLD ~ Lorcan van Dream Gait ~ SOLD

Tietse 428 x Tsjibbe 388

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Breed: Friesian
Gender: Colt
Color: Black
YOB: 2011
Registered: KFPS Friesian Colt
Registration Number:
Sale Price: 13,900


 Lorcan received 2nd premie at his keuring and was RESERVE CHAMPION COLT! This beautiful Tietse 428 colt has a lot of loving to give. Very friendly and easy going.  Check out our yearling Tietse colt, Gelfling. Lorcan is a carbon copy of him at this age. Lorcan is the oldest of the 4 foals we had this year and very early showed his independent streak. He is a very curious guy and will check everyone and everything out! One of the first to greet you in the pasture and hangs out of the stall demanding to be petted if he even sees you in the barn lol. Stands for farrier, baths and clipping. Has that awesome Tietse eye!

Tietse 428 x Tsjibbe 388

Stb ~ Ster ~ Model ~ Ster+Pref*8

Lorcan's sire, Tietse 428



Video taken by Cally Matherly ~ April 2011

Tietse 428 ~ video taken by Lynn Schmidt January of 2011

Video Taken August 9th, 2011 of 4 foals

SOLD ~ Lorcan van Dream Gait ~ SOLD - Pedigree

Hearke 254 Stb Sport + Preferent
Reitse 272 Stb Sport + Preferent
Pauliene Stb Ster + Pref*4
Reyert 337 Stb
Oege 267 Stb Preferent
  Dite Stb Model+Prf+Prestm*6
Wina Stb Ster + Pref*4
Tietse 428 Stb Sport
Wessel 237 Stb Preferent
Oepke 266 Stb
Trienke Stb Ster + Pref*6
Bontsje Stb Ster + Pref*4
Ritske 202 Stb Preferent
Enka Stb Ster + Pref*6
Claartje Stb Model+Pref*5
SOLD ~ Lorcan van Dream Gait ~ SOLD
Piter 312 Stb
Bearend 347 Stb
Sascha Stb Ster + Pref*4
Tsjibbe 388 Stb
Nykle 309 Stb
Aenke Fan de Slachtedyk Stb Ster+Pref*7
Aafke Rolde Stb Ster + Pref*6
Jildou Fan It Jachthus Stb
TJimme 275 Stb
Ulke 338 Stb Sport
Fabiolaa Stb Ster+Prf+Prestm*5
Rinia D Stb Ster
Dirk 298 Stb Sport
Wietske D. KFPS Stb Model
Hetske Stb Ster + Pref*8