SOLD ~ Lyrica van Dream Gait ~ SOLD

Nanning 374 x Melle 311

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Breed: Friesian
Gender: Filly
Color: Black
YOB: 2011
Registered: KFPS Friesian Filly
Registration Number:
Sale Price: 12,900



We are so excited for Lyrica and her new owners. I cant wait to see this relationship blossom :-)

Lyrica received 3rd premie at her keuring. This rare Nanning 374 filly is by far the friendliest foal I have ever handled. Lyrica's personality is going to make someone an awesome horse with the ability to go from the show ring to the trails and enjoy every minute with her owner. She loves to be petted and could stand for hours while you scratch her. She will be the first to come up to you in the pasture and when being turned out she will hover around the gait for awhile to make sure she got every last pet you have time to give her. A beautiful filly that does her daddy proud!

dob: April 15, 2011

Nanning 374 x Melle 311

Full papered filly

Ster ~ Model ~ Ster ~ Ster

Lyrica's sire, Nanning 374




Video taken by Cally Matherly ~ June 2012

Lyrica taken March 30, 2012 ~ almost a year old here!

Video taken by Cally Matherly ~ April 2011

SOLD ~ Lyrica van Dream Gait ~ SOLD - Pedigree

Hearke 254 Stb Sport + Preferent
Hendina S
Teunis 332
Lammert 260 Stb Preferent
Waltrude S
Nanning 374 Stb
Feitse 293
Oege 267 Stb Preferent
SOLD ~ Lyrica van Dream Gait ~ SOLD
Lammert 260 Stb Preferent
Frans 289 Stb
Pauline Stb Ster
Melle 311 Stb Sport
Ygram 240 Stb
Woltje Stb Ster + Pref*4
Elske Stb Preferent*4
Zenobia de Perior Stb Ster
Mark 232 Stb Preferent
Hearke 254 Stb Sport + Preferent
Gelbrich Stb Model+Pref*6
Thialda W KFPS Stb Model
Dagho 247 Stb
Loekie Stb Ster
Drieka Stb Ster