Merlot ~ Willemke R.

Sjaard 320 x Oege 267

Merlot Friesian Ster Mare Click on thumbnail to view larger image

Breed: Friesian
Gender: Mare
Color: Black
YOB: 1999
Registered: KFPS Friesian Ster Mare


Merlot is a 1999 KFPS registered Ster Mare. Merlot is my first friesian. She is the beginning of Dream Gait Friesians. Merlot is the "Lady" of the barn. There was something about her that drew me in. A certain ladylike elegance and grace. Her grandsire Oege 267 is evident in her feathering! Her feathers are so long that she walks on them. She has turned into a really sweet mare and I know she is going to be an exceptional mom.  

Merlot is expecting a foal in 2014 by Monte 378

She had another colt, by Bizkit this time in 2012. Dream Gait's Balinor

She had her colt, by Wander 352, July 12th, 2011. As you can imagine there will be no doubt this baby will have the hair! Kastiel van Dream Gait

Wander 352


video of Merlot taken by Cally Matherly October of 2010

Merlot is in foal for July 2011 by Wander 352 of Checkerboard Farms

Merlot ~ Willemke R. - Pedigree

Jarich 226 Stb
Wessel 237 Stb Preferent
Mary Stb Model + Pref*4
Djurre 284 Stb
Nanne 197 Stb
  Wijkje Stb Model + Prf + Prestm*11
Wietsche Stb Ster + Pref*7
Sjaard 320 Stb
Hearke 254 Stb Sport + Preferent
Reitse 272 Stb Preferent
Pauliene Stb Ster + Pref*4
Fokeltsje Stb Ster + Pref*4
Ritske 202 Stb Preferent
Matsje Stb Model + Prf + Prestm*5
Theaa Stb Ster
Merlot ~ Willemke R.
Jarich 226 Stb
Wessel 237 Stb Preferent
Mary Stb Model + Pref*4
Oege 267 Stb Preferent
Hindrik 222 Stb
Wieske Stb Ster + Pref
Jansie KFPS Stb Model
Wimke Stb Ster
Mark 232 Stb Preferent
Herke 256 Stb
Stynke Stb Model + Pref
Vroukje Stb Ster
Bouke 174 Stb Preferent
Landsdochter Stb Model
Landsvrouwe Stb Model + Pref